Trevor Morris

Principal Architect

“FIN represents the marriage of an extraordinary west facing waterfront site with a modern interpretation of the Art Deco streamliner look that has its roots in the tropics. Working with an indigenous style we have been able to create a one of a kind development that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, bringing the vibrant natural beauty of the waterfront into the casually elegant interiors, creating sweeping vistas and private outdoor spaces.

Trevor Morris

The unique elevated pool, the rooftop terraces, the multilevel penthouses, each was a response to the challenge Mike Ryan laid down to us when he said we had to create the finest residential development in the region and do for it what he had done for hospitality a decade ago. Raise the Bar so no one else could get up to it.

SPPARC Architecture is a young design-led architectural practice delivering architecture, master plans, refurbishments and interior architecture schemes across the UK and Europe.

From the outset of the design process SPPARC enhance the opportunities for design by exploiting the schemes potential to its fullest creating higher value for each project by pushing the boundaries of the brief.

SPPARC prides itself in not having a house style but thoroughly explores the brief to create innovative and bespoke solutions from inception to completion.

The ethos of SPPARC is not one of growth but consistent delivery of high quality resolved architecture.

SPPARC’s projects are informed by the way people interact and reflect the importance of the architecture and interior fabric that surrounds them; every project undertaken by SPPARC Architecture is defined by the team’s pursuit of excellence.

Form and commerciality are fused to deliver bespoke architecture that generates economic and social interaction within the public and private realms.