Mike Ryan


“You only get to do a few really special projects in your life and since I opened The Ritz-Carlton in 2005 I have been looking for a site and partners to write the next chapter in Cayman’s real estate history. In FIN I found a site I think, with its location, aspect and privacy, that is the true jewel of Cayman. The wait has been worth it.”

Mike Ryan

Mike is a pioneer, leader, innovator and visionary in luxury resort and residential development.

What makes him unique is that he combines this with a fierce tenacity to get things done regardless of the obstacles.

For more than thirty years he has consistently broken new ground and raised the bar for what is possible.

Many of the elements now considered standard requirements for luxury developments were first his brainchild.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in his ground breaking Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman project, where not only was he the first to see that high-end resort developments required a combination of hotel and branded residential that worked together seamlessly, but was also the first to realize the potential of bringing multiple complimentary brands together to create something unique, and uniquely valuable, in the world.

A combination of skills and experience covering, design, construction, operations, sales, marketing and finance enable him to see all aspects of a project at once.

His unique abilities have enabled him to partner with people who are recognized as the very best in their fields, convincing them to risk their reputations with him as they work together.

Whether it is…

Each and every one has a well-earned position as the best of the best, and they each chose Michael Ryan as their partner.

Similarly in the fields of finance; Blackstone Group, Credit Suisse, Royal Bank of Scotland, Mitsui Sumitomo, and others chose to work with Michael Ryan through economic cycles, good and bad, because he gets the job done.

His most recent project in London, Lloyds Chambers, where he has partnered with former Treasury Secretary John Snow, Fosun and Aviva is another example of his ability to see value and act on it to secure outsized returns.

He is based, through his company Silverfin Development in Grand Cayman, and has been involved in projects from Canada to Costa Rica, London to Vietnam.

He is prominently known in Cayman for his charity work having, for the past ten years, been the main benefactor of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, raising funds for this charity through the famous Legends Tennis Charity Event.

He was Chairman of the Cayman Islands National Investment Council, and has been on the boards of the Private Finance Initiative Oversight Committee, the Cayman Islands Investment Council and the Planning Review Committee.

Along with developing, he is interested in a wide variety of activities including surfing, scuba diving, flying, and launched the first untethered hot air balloon company in the Caribbean.