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Five advantages of owning at FIN

March 1, 2022 Ownership Benefits


From turnkey arrangements to home automation to unique amenities, luxury home buyers are looking for new construction that offers more than creature comforts like oceanfront views and gourmet kitchens. The focus is no longer only about the location and square footage, but how you live in your Caribbean home and the unique personalized and authentic experiences the property and staff bring to your island lifestyle.  

FIN, being the newest oceanfront property in the Cayman Islands, sets a new standard for future luxury development in the Caribbean.  Here are five advantages of owning at FIN.


Without question, when it comes to luxury property, private amenities and bespoke services are de rigueur.   Luxury buyers don’t want to share their pool or gym with the adjacent hotel, they don’t want the hassle of finding a private charter to enjoy a day at sea and they really don’t enjoy a beach packed with tourists.  

The reality is most oceanfront developments have yet to find the right formula, trying to appeal to the many as opposed to the luxury buyer seeking escape, seclusion, and holistic experiences.  The developers of FIN took on the challenge and have succeeded in designing an amenity and service platform rivaling the world’s most celebrated resorts. 

From private elevator access to a private fleet of Teslas and boats, to 24/7 concierge and security services, wine storage, guest suites, and a private beach and saltwater lagoon, every need has been anticipated.  Boutique style services complete the package, such as maid and laundry services, babysitting, dog walking, sommelier and culinary services, fitness and nutrition classes, and much, much more. 


Many of our owners are avid travelers and whether it be for work or pleasure, having the flexibility to go off grid for weeks at a time while the in-house property management team take care of their property is worth its weight in gold.  But even more so when they can work directly with the rental team to design a bespoke calendar with the agility to shift at will. 

Those who choose to rent their property on a short- or long-term basis, benefit from the boutique style services at FIN.  Owners are not limited to a one-size fits all rental pool, but instead, they have the flexibility of designing a rental program that works for them and their family.  

This flexibility is designed to serve our owners well by offering turnkey services and property management that suits their individual needs.  


For Luxury Home buyers, smart home integration isn’t just about convenience, but about experience-focused solutions transforming how they live in their home.  Smart technology at FIN transcends voice-enabled devices denoting features such as smart security systems, electric car docking stations and energy efficient design solutions.

FIN has been designed to maximize privacy and security for each Residence thanks to the five separate towers that make up the building. Each tower has two residences per floor, accessible by a central elevator with dual doors allowing for private elevator access to each residence.  No corridors, busy lobbies, or exterior entrances here, only private marble-floored lobbies bookended by extraordinary security doors made by OIKOS.  

Each tower has secured FOB access allowing only residents of an individual tower to have access.  The custom designed access control system is powered by Control4, and each homeowner can control who can access the building, their residence, or the property’s common areas.  So, you can be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro whilst simultaneously providing a friend or family member access to your home via your smartphone. The system also allows each homeowner to customize their experiences, adding on lighting, sound, and temperature control features.  


Travel Club membership enrolment has soared during the pandemic, the affluent buyer, and traveler, seek communities of like-minded individuals creating the ultimate club atmosphere.  

From chic city escapes to charming countryside villas and everything in between, FIN  can help you discover the world and make unforgettable connections. Knowing our clientele, FIN negotiated exclusive memberships and preferential rates with travel club THIRDHOME and boutique hospitality group Mantis. 
Easing the burden of planning and uncertainty, and in today’s pandemic world, safety, is an amenity that has become essential in the luxury industry. The ability to take care of things is a part of the promise of membership travel and now, luxury property ownership too. Even if the ask has shifted from an exclusive dinner reservation to an option for medical evacuation, this is the service promise offered at FIN. 


Health and luxury go hand in hand, and our decades of experience along with an intimate knowledge of the refined lifestyle our owners are accustomed to, tells us that having a gym is simply not good enough. Although they may promote well-being, luxury home buyers want more in the form of amenities that emphasize holistic health as well as environmental stewardship.  

A light filled gym, overlooking the ocean with the waters of the glass bottom pool above reflecting on the walls is a definite upgrade from more traditional fitness facilities.  But, add an in-house wellness expert, virtual workouts with the MIRROR, a spa treatment room for a post workout massage, private culinary and nutrition services, and you now have a truly luxurious wellness experience.  Whether enjoying a rigorous workout, or simply a sea swim, FIN has realized a multitude of wellness activities to ensure owners and residents are living their healthiest lives. 

The health of our residents extends to their relationship with the environment, and thanks to FIN developer Mike Ryan’s devotion to protecting the ocean he has created several initiatives to promote funding and education. 

After initiating The Ambassadors of the Environment Program at the Ritz-Carlton in 2005, which has subsequently gone on to be the exclusive partner with Ritz-Carlton globally, Ryan wanted to implement something just as impactful at FIN.  

After discussing with friend Guy Harvey, a program designed to fund a coral reef monitoring and restoration program was born. Thus, making FIN the first real estate development in the region to undertake a long-term funding program through the contribution of 1% of its monthly strata fees. Creating a new model for private public conservation efforts in coastal environments, FIN Residents are championing the protection and preservation of their backyard as active participants in the conservation of our most valuable ecosystem.

Luxury development in the Caribbean has come a long way from simply delivering a well-constructed condo in a waterfront location.  It has evolved in delivering on a promise, the promise of highly customizable experiences, intelligent design and unique programming inspired by the ocean. 

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