Why Fin Is Located In George Town: Grand Cayman’s Newest Cool Neighborhood

May 25, 2022 Location and Community

Find Out Why Fin Grand Cayman Is Located In George Town.

Gin-clear waters, natural wonders, and Caribbean flair are just the beginning of what George Town has to offer. At the intersection of island living and cosmopolitan lifestyle, the capital city of the Cayman Islands is a lively town with a diverse, thriving economy and a distinctive identity. The perfect location to give birth to FIN, the last word in luxury.

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A New Standard Of Luxury Living

Grand Cayman, the biggest of the three Cayman Islands, has an impressive infrastructure that blends seamlessly with George Town’s colonial influence and colorful streets. This unique allure has drawn the interest of investors and developers over the years, with many projects joining the ongoing growth and gentrification of George Town. 

Since the pandemic, the real estate market on the island has also seen a significant upswing from a business and investment perspective, with a lineup of new luxury condos, resorts, and commercial buildings scheduled to break ground. 

As a pioneer of real estate development in the Cayman Islands, Mike Ryan brought a renewed interest to George Town as a prime location for residential and tourism projects. This increased attraction to Grand Cayman goes hand-in-hand with the widespread changes to the area over the past 25 years, with highlights like duty-free shopping, world-class dining, and an international banking and business hub, establishing George Town as a global destination.

Residential and tourism projects

Community Feel With A Cosmopolitan Perspective

A jewel of the Caribbean, George Town is the epitome of island charm and contemporary lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to explore the island’s cultural offering or have a pleasant evening after work, inspiration and enjoyment are all within walking distance when you’re out on the town.

Local art galleries, hip boutiques, and trendy restaurants have become a familiar sight, but you can just as easily embark on a marine expedition at a moment’s notice. For a more traditional sightseeing experience, travelers and residents can enjoy the fascinating Cayman Islands National Museum, visit tiny Fort George or the George Town Library for a history lesson, and finish it off at any waterfront eateries with fresh seafood caught daily. 

The energy around George Town is evidence that its Caribbean essence is still intact, where the island sets the rhythm, and regardless of its bustling activity, the town’s stunning waters still paint the perfect picture of never-ending sunsets and stargazing nights.

This is precisely what inspired developer Mike Ryan as he envisioned the concept for FIN, wanting to pay homage to the region’s past while embracing its cosmopolitan future. FIN delivers a delicate balance between art deco design and the island’s casual elegance, convenience, and the historical connections to the other great deco centers, coming together in a unique residential journey that elevates island living to the level of the finest boutique hotels.

Homage to the region’s

Once-In-A-Lifetime Marine Experiences

From the shades of blue that drift off the horizon to the incredible natural world beneath the surface, every outing in George Town is an opportunity for discovery. You can marvel at the extraordinary formations of Crystal Cave, experience remarkable marine life encounters at Sting Ray City, or dive into the magic of the Bloody Bay Wall coral cliff. The diversity of aquatic experiences the islands offers is genuinely awe-inspiring wherever your curiosity takes you. 

This has been made possible thanks to the island’s deliberate efforts to maintain its natural environment and set forth initiatives to protect and preserve the marine life that sets George Town apart.

For Mike Ryan and his team, conscious development and environmental stewardship were at the core of every stage of the FIN building process. The goal was to become a source of positive impact and conservation for marine life, setting an example for other developments in the area. The unique marine connection at FIN solidifies it as a place for lasting memories and lasting influence on conscious luxury living for generations to come. 

People from all over the world have set their sights on George Town because they find that all their needs come together in harmony when they arrive on the island. Whether they are visiting for the first time or eager to call the island home, the driving demand has accelerated the progress of George Town to become a cultural and economic hub for the region and a staple for luxury in the residential and tourism space. That is why George Town ultimately became the perfect home for FIN.

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